Satvik diet in modern times

Satvik diet in modern times

Sattva means ‘pure’. Satvik food is a regime that is pure, and therefore easy on the body, and hence on the mind and soul. Satvik food is an age-old phenomenon established/discovered by out ancestors and is known for its positive impact on the mind and the body. It is the eternal health food.

Satvik is not a one-time diet, it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle of positivity and health, not to miss the abundant taste it brings along. 

In modern times of fast-paced lives, fast food has become integral to our lives. To be on the upswing it is imperative to switch to a healthier life style.  And healthy is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. 

And if you are a taste freak, there are ways to make your satvik food tasteful as well. In fact, satvik food retains all the natural flavors of the food and therefore is bound to be tastier. It is a matter of picking up the right elements and cooking them right.

Satvik food include, but are not limited to, Nuts, Seeds, Oils, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, raw sweeteners like honey and jaggery, some spices. 

The food must be cooked lightly and should not be heavy on spices. Include as many fresh fruits and vegetables and possible. Everything to do with Satvik food is natural, no preservatives and no processed ingredients. 

Going Satvik is a gift that you must bestow upon yourself as your eating habits define you. In a healthy body lives a healthy mind – the must have virtue for success. 

If you start now, it would become a habit and then a preference in a few weeks. As what you give you body is what it gives you back. So give to it the best you can and the best would come back to you.

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